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We ask your understanding and indugence, maybe even your forgiveness…

………for how we appear in our introduction video for our new on-line magazine, La Casa Rojas – It’s pretty obvious that we are not professional talking heads or pitchmen.  We are two people, happily married, blessed to share a passion for the Spanish Language and the cultures from which it grew who want to share our passion (the part about Spanish) with the world.

When we made that video, we had not slept much the previous 5 weeks…much meaning,  3 to 5 hours a night for me and 0 to 4 hours a night for Luis.  My eyes were dark and I had to over animate to break through my fatigue and Luis looks almost like he’s sleeping with his eyes open.  We are reluctant public figures and so we ask you to forgive us for not being polished and flawless. 

We also want you to hold us accountable for the value of the information we offer you.  Teaching  language and culture comes with a responsibility to present it with respect and in it’s authentic context.  Language after all is how we express who we are in our very depths and there is not one of us on this planet that don’t value almost above all else, being heard, being understood.  We want our uniqueness, our self hood acknowledged. 

So as you watch our intro video, please look past our humanness, no wait, on second thought go ahead and look closely at our humanness and see in it the authenticity of our work.  If we are to really know one another, we must be okay with allowing ourselves to be known.  Each article that you will read in La Casa Rojas is real piece of life offered to you by real people.  They are not slicking things up for you, they are telling you like it is, from their perspective.  If you want to know us, know them, know their cultures, know their language, you have the information before you, all you have to do is receive it with an open mind.   Bienvenidos a nuestra casa,  La Casa Rojas,   Joan y Luis

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Estudia con Rojas Spanish – No Importa Donde Vivas/Study with Rojas Spanish – Doesn’t Matter Where You Live

Luis, the best Spanish teacher in the whole world … (oops, I should probably offer this disclaimer before I continue:  Hello, I’m Joan, his wife.  E credit Luis with teaching me Spanish from 0 to fluent in less than 2 years.  This, after several others tried and failed, one of whom I know quit teaching after giving it his best shot with me!) … is now available to teach any of you who have access to Skype.  This opens our classroom doors to the WORLD (I KNOW!!!)!   And I also know that we are a little slow to the party…

….  but truth be told, he was nervous about it…however I persisted.  I said, “But honey, you get so many touching emails from people who are studying with you through your Podcast and through our Online Video Program, Viajando en Españolwhat if they knew you were available to teach them as though they were right here with us having coffee in our very own kitchen?” 

Luis;  “But I need that dynamic of the live interaction to teach well.  Once a teacher knows their topic, teaching is all about the Art, and the Art is in that spontaneous give and take between me and my students.”

Joan;  “But Honey, aside from people looking a little like they just stepped out of “Alice in Wonderland”,  and that they can see how messy your office is, it IS live and it IS spontaneous! You can be your totally goofy self!”

So, reluctantly he let me announce his availability through Skype in our website (but not too forcefully) and wouldn’t you know, within 3 days of  the announcement we had our first student from 1500 miles away and then another from Brazil, and another from Korea and well, they are starting to line up. 

He’d be moderately embarrassed if he knew I was telling you that he skips around the house after his online class he’s  a 4 year old who just got his first bike.  (or now-a-days,  a Wii)

So even though we’re a little late to the party, we are still very enthusiastic and have energy to burn, so get your email and ring us up…we’ll get you on the schedule straight away as they say in the UK, right?  isn’t that what they say?  (I’m practising my International expressions.)        Nos vemos en clase,    Joan

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