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“Sólo nos queda pedirles que oren por nostros” – “I Only Ask that You All Pray for Us”

This is the way Álvaro, our author from Honduras, signed off on his note to me this morning.  I had been watching the news yesterday and saw how violent things continued in that country due to the recent “golpe de estado” that had occurred the week before, and wrote him a quick note indicating that he and his family and his country were in Luis´ and my the thoughts and prayers – adding the mother’s reflex, (begging the obvious that goes out to all regardless of their relation to us)….”Cuidense mucho”.

He described briefly the up to the moment having to do mostly with looking for the ‘good’ in the ‘bad’ and his ‘resigned reflections’ on human nature;  “There is more concern and worry with each day that passes , but no deaths yet.”  “Seven million people have been impacted by the spoiled childish political ambitions of one.”  “So many people both inside and outside the country have fallen victim to propaganda and believe that the ‘victemizer’ is actually the ‘victem’.

Now read this however you wish…the truth is, I do not know the political leanings of Álavaro…he writes for La Casa Rojas about how he experiences his life in his country, and one´s experience of one´s life is personal and universal simultaneously.

And it is this last point that I find fascinating …. our experiences are at once personal and universal.  I will be putting up Álvaro´s third installment of  “Domingo negro en Honduras, Historia de una crisis”later today.  With one final note of disclaimer I sign off for now…..La Casa Rojas is about giving outsiders an insiders point of view … we are not promoting the politics of any particular group … and our personal points of view are not necessarily reflected in the articles we publish.   Paz,  Joan  Editor in Chief, La Casa Rojas – the magazine

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Yo recibí este mensaje esta mañana desde Honduras – el golpe en primera persona

Hola Joan les quiero que tengas algnas fotos que tome hoy Domingo 28 jun de la crisis a raiz del Golpe de Estado y apresamiento del presidente en mi pais  aver que les parecen…

Todas tomadas en Tegucigalpa, la Capital, en el frente de la CasaPresidencial, tengo la historia si la queres,me avisas…


Alvaro Morales Molina


Alvaro sent 4 fotos that he had taken during the government overthrow yesterday and the imprisonment of the president with his offer to write about it from his perspective.  Of course I responded a resounding “Sí, por favor¨.  La Casa Rojas – the magazine, is not about up to the minute news….there are news outlets for that.  We are about showing the human interest side of a story.  “What is it like living in your country.”  And at times, this will involve an overshadowing crisis in progress….this is one of those for Honduras. 

And so, contrary to my entry of yesterday, I guess we will be introduced to Honduras through “del Gole de Estado y apresamiento del presidente”.     Cuidense bien.     -Joan  Editor en Chief de La Casa Rojas – the magazine

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Lo de Honduras afecta aún nuestra revista humilde … All That’s Going On with Honduras Even Affects Our Humble Magazine

We are due out with a new editionof our on-line magazine, La Casa Rojas on July 1st.  As you know, we publish a whole new group of articles on the 1st and 15th of each month.  This one due on the 1st was to have a new writer from Honduras … but my most recent unsuccessful attempts to reach him … seem to foreshadow that representation from this country will be delayed. 

I will be interested however in hearing what is happening there from his perspective and so perhaps our introduction to this country through La Casa Rojas will not highlight festivals or favorite foods or things on the lighter side, perhaps we will gain our first glimpse of this country through the tug-o-war that seems to be in full swing.  If not this edition, hopefully the next and if not the next, this enthused writer will be in touch with us as soon as he can, I know.

You can hear what’s happening through the newspapers and radio . . . but what is it about a personal and  first person  account of the life one is living?  There is nothing that compares to that, nothing.    -Joan, Editor in Chief of La Casa Rojas

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¿Dónde está el corazón hispano?

You can imagine the conversations Luis and I have about, well any number of things, but right now, about the primaries;   more specifically the interface between the candidates and the hispanic voters.  The presidential candidates recognize hispanics as a worthy demographic to win, which at this juncture, could tip the coronation for the democratic nomination toward Barack or toward Hillary.  So the question is this;  Where is the heart of the Hispanic? 

I immediately said…..”Well, given that the Hispanic society tends to be a matriarcal society, it leans toward Hillary.”  Luis said;  “Perhaps a generation ago this tradition would hold sway, but not so much today.”   Then he began to talk about how Hispanics tend to be piqued first through emotion rather than reason.  Not that reason doesn’t have it’s place.  It does, absolutely.  But if one wants entry into the Hispanic heart, one needs to speak to their heart. 

Joan;  “And what does their heart say?”  Luis;  “It says; our hearts are with our own countries and we would be there now if the economic and political situations were better.  It is with our families that remain there.  We want to maintain our contact and ties to our families and our heritage.  We love the US, we respect the US and it’s ways of life and opportunities.  But we wouldn’t have looked in the direction of the US, there would have been no reason to look in this direction, if our countries were able to offer us what the US is able to offer it’s citizens.  The US offers hope that our dreams too, can come true.”

Hmmm, I thought.  I was a little insulted at first and then I realized that I would feel the same.  If my country could not offer me the promise that my dreams could come true here and I was compelled to look outside of the US for this to happen, well the truth is, I would!  But it is also true, that as much as I perhaps felt that my country had let me down, I would still love it.  It is the US that would hold my heart.  I would hope that someday my country could support my dreams so that I could at the very least consider returning.  I would miss my music, my food, my family, my language, my cultures way of seeing the world.  At the same time, I would be so incredibly grateful that there was a way for me to be a welcomed part of this new land of opportunity and I would want to contribute in whatever way I could to the that society as well.   There would be many collisions of feelings and realty. 

I am interested to see how Barack and Hillary address this issue, unspoken but at the heart of finding the heart of the Hispanics tonight during their debate which will be broadcasted through CNN and UNIVISION.  Let’s watch it together and comment tomorrow on what we saw and heard and think.  Where is the heart of the Hispanic?

To prime the pump a bit first, I have included a link to a couple of interviews that UNIVISION did with Barack and Hillary.  Enjoy!    Saludos, Joan

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