Hola todos,

Luis and I have a passion for learning about the other’s culture. It was this passion that resulted in the happiest of accidents and our meeting.  And though Luis could speak some English when we met 6 years ago, I knew no Spanish.   Our attraction to the other’s culture and all the things we had in common despite our cultural differences led to a wonderful friendship which grew over time into a great love.  We have learned enormous amounts about our own culture and language while trying to understand and surrender to the other’s.  It is fascinating to look at the same world through a whole other language system rooted in it’s particular history, geography, spiritual traditions, food and music.  There are some days I swear we could not be more different and others where we could not be more the same.   How is that?  

What we hope to do in this Blog, is to give voice to any of you that share an interest in learning Spanish and understanding more about the countries and cultures from which it originates.   We invite you as well, to subscribe to our Viajando en Español con Joan and Luis Rojas videos and listen to our Podcast and comment on what similar or different experiences you have had in the countries we traveled through.   Or even if you haven’t had the opportunity to travel to them yet, talk about what intrigues you, confuses you, excites you, inspires you in your journey to learn Spanish.  As I said previously, Luis and I are learning enormous things about ourselves and the degree to which our culture has formed and influenced us.  This awareness is challenging to say the least and a call to consider trying on another hat.  The experience of stepping over into another´s well worn and understood cultural territory is exotic and mysterious and enticing and fascinating.

So step over with us. Offer your comments and questions in English or Spanish, nos da igual.

Hasta pronto,

Joan and Luis


One response to “About

  1. Rea

    Hi Joan,

    I met my Spanish husband walking the Camino a Santiago. My Spanish vocabulary consited of “hola” and “vino” and his English was limited. But it was enough to fall in love and change my life forever.

    It’s great to hear others’ stories of how life expands, complicates, but undoubtedly enriches when suddenly you form a bi-cultural family.



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