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We’re back!

Yes, we were away for a bit but we are back and will be catching up with all of the pieces left hanging.  Thanks to the hundreds of loyal readers that have not abandoned us during our hiatus.

Here’s what is happening……Luis has completely re-done our website so that it is much easier to navigate.  We hope that you all find it so and if not, let us know where you found yourself lost so that we can tweak the details. 

We have re-designed the Video product as well, for the same reason.  We will always be improving things as we go, but I think with our current site, we will sit for a bit and gather your comments. 

We have also put up a new Demo for our video product.  This Demo includes the majority of two episodes of the product so that you can see it specifically and play with it some.  Please do!  And let us know what you think.  Let’s say for instance you absolutely are NOT interested in this product, we would really love to know why.  Let’s say you are interested, but have reasons for not accessing it at this time, please share them.  It is important to us that we are offering what you all are looking for and wanting.  If there are ways we can alter or improve the product you can rest assured that we will be on our way to that end.

Aside from the re-design efforts that have occupied about 18 hours of each day…you think I am exaggerating, but I am not!…we have prepared 3 new Videos for our program, keeping our promise to add new episodes each month.  Well, we are close….we launched the very end of March and this is the end of May, so I think technically we are under the wire.  We took the time we felt we needed to take to improve the over all navigation of the product, so just know that we did not stop working for you for a single day!  We think this product is incredibly valuable and if you agree, spread the word!

The other thing that has kept ME busy, is that Luis’ mom is here with us from Peru.  She has been with us since the 2nd of May and will be here until the 13th of June.  The fascinating things I am learning from her will be shared with you all, but for the time being, what is most clear in my mind is that we need a bigger house.  YIKES!  We have a small 2 bedroom Condo, about 1600 square feet which we absolutely love, however, one bedroom is dedicated to being a bedroom (ours) and one bedroom is dedicated to Control Central for our classes and video program…so, between the Spanish classes that we hold in our Dining Room, Kitchen or Living Room and the fact that we have given the Sra. Aida our bedroom for 6 weeks…we are bien consciente que we are squished here.

Okay, in summary…look for our new web. Luis hopes to get it live today, tomorrow at the latest.  Let us know what you think.  Look for the new Video program Demo….since we have decreased the “speed” of it’s transmission and we have offered it in two “speeds”, even some DialUp systems should be able to get access.  I know many of you have written to us to see if there was anything we could do to allow you access and I think we have for the most part accomplished what you have asked – so welcome aboard India, China, Morroco, Spain, the UK, Italy, France, Australia and the rest!  (we are counting inquiries and subscriptions from 67 countries now and we couldn’t be more excited to be connected with so much of this beautiful and diverse world of ours!)

Luis will also be catching us up with our book club selection Hija de la Fortuna por Isabele Allende as we are due to read the first 50 pages of a new book by June 9th.  This is one is La Fiesta de Chivo por Mario Vargas Llosa.  We have some movies to catch up with as well…..more later.  Phew, don’t you love to be busy?

Okay, I will write again over the weekend….until then, que les estudien bien.    -Joan
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